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Welcome to the Indiana Transgender Wellness Alliance!

Indiana Transgender Wellness Conference
July 25, 2015

Your contribution ensures that our vision of an inclusive Indiana for all Transgender and Gender-Variant people will thrive and that we can continue empowering medical professionals to deliver competent services, identifying mental-health professionals who are experienced and qualified to serve this population, and working to help spiritual organizations become more accepting and inclusive. Thank you for your support!

The ITWA is an alliance of public and private partners who recognize the need to advocate and educate regarding the challenges many trans-identifying persons and their families experience on the path to wellness.

Our mission is to improve access to wellness resources, and help service providers better understand and care for the needs of transgender and gender-variant people.

We are preparing to host Indiana's first Transgender Wellness Conference on July 25th, and we need your help! The Conference will bring public and private health providers together for discussions and education on how best to serve members of the transgender and gender-variant community. Other facets of the conference will address the spiritual and emotional issues facing transgender youth, adults and families.

If you or your business, healthcare organization or spiritual community would like to participate in the conference as a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact our Board Chair.

Contact ITWA


Jacqueline Patterson
Executive Director
PH (317) 727-1839

Trans 101 for Significant Others, Partners, Friends, Family and Allies (SOFFAs) of Trans* People

Paul E Wright, Board President
(317) 809-4869

Trans 201 for Significant Others, Partners, Friends, Family and Allies (SOFFAs) of Trans* People

Emily Singleton, Board Vice President

Socially Transitioning for Trans* People

Rhianna Carlson, Board Secretary

Legally Transitioning for Trans* People

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